Survival Coalition Wisconsin

The Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations is a cross-disability coalition of more than 40 state and local organizations and groups. For more than 20 years, Survival has been focused on changing and improving policies and practices that support people with disabilities of all ages to be full participants in community life.



(MADISON) — The Survival Coalition of more than 30 disability organizations recognizes the contributions of Wisconsin’s caregivers as today kicks off National Family Caregiver Month.

“A majority of Survival members tell us that the direct care workforce crisis and the stress that puts on family caregivers is their top concern,” says Beth Swedeen, Survival Co-Chair. “This month is not only a great time to thank caregivers, but to commit to solutions that will address this crisis.”

Members of the Survival Coalition are represented on the Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving which was appointed this year to address the growing shortage of direct care providers, both paid and unpaid, as well as the impact and needs of family caregivers. Read full Press Release

Survival Coalition Caregiver Task Force Recommendations

Survival Coalitions has provided to a set of recommendations. See full recommendations.

Survival Coalition provides testimony on AB 462

Survival Coalition members are concerned about the safety of people with disabilities and support policies that lead to prevention and effective response to abuse. However, our analysis finds that AB 462 will not increase safety and we have concluded this bill will result in negative unintended consequences.

Survival Coalition has substantive concerns about how such a policy intersects with employment and non-discrimination laws, the rights of the patient versus the right given to a parent or guardian when parties are not in agreement, the challenges of implementing such a policy especially in the context of the caregiver crisis, and fiscal concerns as this policy change may lead to increased staffing requirements without increasing quality of service or the amount of services provided to Medicaid recipients. Our testimony is focused primarily on whether this policy is an effective strategy to improve safety. Read full testimony

Summary of Impact of Final State Budget on People with Disabilities

Survival Coalition summarizes Governor’s budget and charts more detailed information outlining the Governor’s original request, what the Legislature passed and then what adjustments were made through the Governor’s partial veto authority. Read the full document here.

Survival Coalition 2019-21 Budget Reaction

Celebrating what was done, while recognizing there is more to do

People with disabilities, families and advocates for people with disabilities express thanks for key priorities included in the budget while also noting extreme disappointment for inadequate investment in other critical areas.

See full details here.

Survival Coalition’s comments on the DHS Family Care waiver

Survival Coalition provides public comments on the proposed Family Care waiver. Read letter with full recommendations.