Survival Coalition Creation of a Caregiver Waiver-FAQ

Survival Coalition has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document on its recommendation to create a Medicaid waiver for Caregivers.

Lack of benefits is a major factor contributing to paid care professionals leaving the workforce. This proposal would extend Medicaid health care insurance to paid and informal caregivers, while allowing them to earn and save more.

Health care benefits adds a significant value that can make caregiving jobs more attractive, encourage worker retention, and enable workers to contribute more caregiving hours. For low-income informal caregivers, ensuring they can take care of their own health acknowledges their caregiving contributions that are benefitting the state and extends them a benefit in exchange for their caregiving work.

An estimated 29% of Wisconsin’s Home and Community Based waiver workforce (e.g. those working in people’s homes and community settings through programs like Family Care, IRIS, Partnership) and 35% of Nursing home workers are below 100% Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and rely on Medicaid-funded BadgerCare for access to health care. Low income informal caregivers also depend on BadgerCare, especially when their caregiving contributions limit their participation in the workforce. 70% of paid caregivers earn less than 300% FPL. Read full document.