Survival Coalition Develops 6 Information Sheets Comparing Gov Budget To Joint Finance Proposal

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) finished making changes to the Governor’s proposed budget this week. The state budget must now be approved or amended further by the full State Senate and State Assembly.

Survival Coalition has developed a summary of disability issues as proposed in the Governor’s budget compared with the Joint Finance Committee proposal. Please distribute these files to your membership for their use, and use to post on your social media. Survival Coalition will be uploading individual sheets on its website.

Survival Coalition will be hosting three call-in days next week for people with disabilities and family members to call their state Senators and State Representatives to let them know the good things that should be kept in the budget, need more funding, and should be added to the budget.

Look for an e-mail message Monday  for more information and instructions on the call-in days.

You can direct your members to use the Legislative Hotline (1-800-362-9472) to call your state Senator and state Representative to let them know what you like in JFC’s proposal and what you think should be changed.

View each information sheet:

Special Education



Children’s Disability Programs

Mental Health