Send Public Comments to Governor’s Caregiver Task Force by July 14th

The Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving is taking public comments on proposals to address the workforce crisis until July 14th. Survival Coalition submitted public comments (see attached) on many of the ideas being considered by the Task Force.

Public comments can be submitted online by July 14th. Survival Coalition requests members submit comments to the Task Force, and encourage their networks to do so as well. The Task Force will consider the input from public comments when it decides which proposals to include in a package of recommendations for the Governor to consider later this fall.

Survival Coalition’s comments emphasize improving: (See full comments)

  • Health care and other benefits to recruit and keep quality workers
  • Flexibility in rates to allow greater pay and career progression for workers, and making sure rate increases are reflected in worker’s wages
  • Support for family caregivers including expanding the ability of ADRCs to provide resources to caregivers of all ages, avoiding caregiver burnout, and supporting legislative proposals that support family caregivers (CARES Act, Caregiver Tax Credit, updating the Family and Medical Leave Act).