It’s not too late to meet the needs of Wisconsin students with disabilities

Call on lawmakers to do their job and pass an education budget that puts kids’ needs first! 

The Joint Finance Committee slashed about 90% of the Governor’s proposed investments in public education. On party-line votes they essentially zeroed out increases in special education reimbursement.  This decision also puts Wisconsin schools’  eligibility for promised federal COVID-19 aid in serious jeopardy. It’s not too late to fix this – the proposal now goes before the entire legislature for modification and debate. Contact your state legislators to make sure they hear your voice and know you expect them to do their job by rejecting this outrageous budget. Wisconsin can afford to close the gaps that exist in our state for all kids, including kids with disabilities – and we can’t afford not to!

Go to this link where you can customize a letter to send directly to your own lawmakers! Click here to send a letter to your lawmakers.