Media Advisory: Legislature’s State Budget Falls Short for People with Disabilities, Family Caregivers

Disability advocates are deeply disappointed with the lack of investment and cuts to key programs contained in the Legislature’s state budget. People with disabilities and their families across Wisconsin are really struggling. Many were struggling before the pandemic, and COVID-19 made existing problems worse.

Many important low-cost, critically needed investments are missing from the currently-proposed budget—including removing lead pipes and paint that are a 100% preventable cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities in babies and toddlers and funding to guarantee poisoned children can get help. Family caregivers are leaving the workforce, sacrificing family income, and burning out trying to fill the gaps left by the caregiver crisis. This budget does not help those struggling daily to meet care needs. Students receiving special education services have lost ground both academically and socially because of the pandemic and may need years to rebuild and recover skills. Cuts to Wisconsin’s largest transit systems will make it more difficult for low-income people with disabilities and the caregiver workforce that rely on it to commute to client homes to return to work and live independently.

The state budget is Wisconsin’s opportunity to help people now and commit to ongoing investments that will support people in the future. Our folks can’t wait. Read Full Advisory

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