Annual Membership Fee

We believe it is important that as part of its support, each member organization or coalition make some level of financial contribution to the Survival Coalition. This applies to state organizations, local/regional organizations, and state or local coalitions.

Organizations with budgets of:                                                      

  • $0 – $300,000 — contribute $250.00
  • $301,000 – $750,000 — contribute $500.00
  • $750,001- above — contribute $1000.00

We encourage organizations with the financial capacity to do so to make larger donations than the above suggested minimums. If the suggested levels present a hardship to any organization, you are welcome to write a letter to the Survival Coalition Co-Chairs requesting a waiver for part of or the entire suggested amount.

Financial donations will be used primarily for activities to educate and inform people, for media activity, for local- and state-level rallies and other events, and to develop materials which communicate Survival Coalition positions.

Member organizations and coalitions are also encouraged to make in-kind donations in support of Survival Coalition activities, e.g.:

  • staff time
  • printing and postage costs
  • preparing mailings
  • hosting local/regional meetings
  • hosting conference calls
  • hosting Candidate Forums
  • organizing a meeting of constituents with their legislator
  • helping to organize local cross-disability coalitions

If you have any questions about membership, contact us at .