Survival Coalition releases candidate and voting press release

(Madison) – The Survival Coalition of more than 30 disability organizations asked all candidates running for Governor of Wisconsin to answer seven disability-related questions. Of the 14 candidates who were running as of June 15, (2 Republicans, 10 Democrats, 1 Libertarian and 1 WI Green), 6 candidates responded. See their responses at: Survival Coalition […]

Survival Coalition Applaud Efforts to Champion Increases in Special Education Funding

The Survival Coalition of Disability Organizations of Wisconsin supports the Department of Public Instruction’s proposal taking bold steps to finally end nearly a decade of flat funding for special education by the State. Read full press release.

Survival Coalition asked candidates for Governor seven questions.

Survival Coalition asked the 14 candidates for Governor (2 Republicans, 10 Democrats, 1 Libertarian and 1 WI Green) to reply to the following seven disability-related questions. Six candidates replied.. See answers.