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Support of H.R. 5098 (9-3-14)

Home and Community-Based Services Rule to Residential Settings (7-31-14)

Survival Coalition Recommendations regarding Implementation of the New HCBS Regulations (5-16-14)

Survival autism epsdt letter to DHS (10-26-14)

Seclusion and restraint legislation (S. 2036 / H.R. 1893) (7-22-14)

Charter Schools Serving Wisconsin Students with Disabilities (6-24-14)

2014 DVR Plan Public Comment-Testimony from Wisconsin Survival Coalition (5-21-14)

Governor Scott Walker Kicks Off Mental Health Awareness Month. (See Proclamation)  (5-1-14)

Survival Coalition’s letter to Governor Walker regarding Joint Finance Committee’s report on Family Care (1-8-14)

Survival Coalition’s letter to Joint Finance Committee regarding report on Family Care expansion. (1-8-14)

Support for the proposed national standards for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) (1-7-14)

Speaker’s Task Force on Mental Health Bills (1-7-14)

Letter to Assembly Long-Term Care Committee regarding Family Care Hearing (2-14-14)

Letter to Senate Long-Term Care Committee regarding Family Care Hearing (2-14-14)

Letter to JFC Long-Term Care Committee regarding Family Care Hearing (2-14-14)

Letter to DHS regarding Family Care Hearing (2-14-14)


Survival Coalition supports CRPD (11-8-13)

Ideas for DHS to improve integrated employment outcomes for youth with disabilities (8-28-13)

A New Year’s Message from the Disability Community (12-23-13)

Recommendations for Supporting Families* through CLTS Redesign – Doable strategies in the next 18 months (12-13-13)

Survival Coalition’s comments in response to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (12-2-13)

Survival Coalition’s comments on potential changes to the MAPP (10-15-13)

Survival Coalition letter to Senate Finance Committee (9-29-13)

BadgerCare Plus Demonstration Project Waiver (9-4-13)


The Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin (10-25-12)

2012 WI Legislative Report Card (5-10-12)

2013-2015 Biennial Budget Recommendations for Education (5-9-12)

Employment First Initiative (5-4-12)

Disability Advocacy Day Issue Paper (3-6-12)

The Affordable Care Act in Wisconsin: Implications for People with Disabilities (6-28-12)

Survival Coalition Virtual PACE Comments (4-3-12)

Survival letter to Assembly on four important bills (3-5-12)

Share Your Ideas to Improve Wisconsin’s Adult Long-Term Care System (3-5-12)

Survival Coalition opposes the passage of SB 386 (2-14-12)

Survival comments on WI ESEA Waiver application (2-14-12)

Survival Thanks Senate for Support of People First and Family Care Bills (2-13-12)

Survival Coalition has assembled a 2012 report card that summarizes Wisconsin state policy on the disability community during the past 10 months.


2011-2013 Legislative Report Card

Survival Talking Points

Survival Coalition Memo to JFC on Cat School Aids 5-18


Survival Comments- Executive Action on Biennial Budget June 2 2011 – County Shared Revenues

Survival Coalition Comments on Proposed Revision in Autism Treatment

Survival Coalition Testimony AB 210 Insurance Reform 2011

Keeping the Community Promise

Survival Press Release on Keeping the Promise Report

Survival Coalition Summary of Medicaid Suggestions

SC Ideas for DHS Town Hall Meeting

Survival Comments- Executive Action on Biennial Budget May 31 2011- W-2

Survival Coalition Employment sign on

Survival Coalition Proposal for Improving Medicaid Outcomes and Efficiencies

Secy Smith Letter re Medicaid Efficiencies 10-7-11

MA Audit Letter- Survival Coalition

Balancing the Budget

Survival Coalition testimony – AB 367 – Emergency Detention (12-14-11)

Recommendations and Concerns regarding the Virtual PACE Program (11-22-11)

Survival Coalition comments on MA Savings Plan (11-4-11)

People First Wisconsin Employment Letter to Governor

Efficiencies and Cost-Savings in Wisconsin Medicaid

2011-2013 Legislative Report Card

State Budget Presentation

Survival Coalition Ideas for the DHS Town Hall Meetings

State Budget Talking Points for Advocates

Frequently Asked Questions about Wisconsin Medicaid Changes